Healthy Fitness Is My Business!!!!

By: Baneet & Logan


Healthy eating and nutrients help you grow and growing keeps you healthy. Nutrients are vitiams like vitiam D, vitiam A, vitiam C, vitiam B6, and B12. Nutrients also come with minerals there are 22 minerals that are necessary for a healthy body. Some minerals are calcium, iron, fiber, and carbs. That is what defines nutrition.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Physical activity is when you excersise, move around, and play. Running is one part of physical activity, playing sports like soccer and basketball. The average kid has to get 90 minutes of physical activity every day. Physical activity is important because when you are eating healthy foods you have to burn those calories.
Children Need to Play Outside


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Self esteem

1. Stay fit

2. Be confident

3. Eat healthy

4. Stay positive