Peter: A Writer

Reflections of a 11-year-old Writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I am very enthusiastic about my writing. I try to get as much as I can to make my story longer. I also try to make my stories have adventure, happiness, and a little it bit of sadness in them. I am not very willing to share my work because I fear if people will make disrupting comments on my writing. One of my strengths is writing long stories because I always get inspiration and my stories always change, a little. Lastly, I am very confident about my work because I always double check them and make changes to the story so they sound right.

A Memorable Experience

One memorable writing experience I had is when I wrote a twelve page long story for a project in 5th grade. I think it was memorable because it was the longest story I have ever wrote and it was also the best, meaning most creative and efficient story. Lastly what I took away from the experience is that it was the first time I actually enjoyed writing long page stories.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • I will try to write a story longer than twelve pages
  • I will try to learn new words and put those words in my story
  • I will try to make my writing pieces have more sophisticated vocabulary
  • I will try to make my dialogue in my stories more easier to understand

About Me

my email:
Some interesting things about myself is that my favorite sport is swimming. All my siblings swim but only my older sister and I swim all year round. The other siblings swim in the summer. My dad also swims. One of my other interests is that I love Bald Eagles. I have a whole collection of statues of them. They are some intriguing!