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By The Builder

Water cycle

There are five steps to water cycle evaporation when warm weather not always not always 70 degrees but above 32 degrees f or 0 c. condensation when it starts to form clouds . when comes down as hail, snow, sleet rain and freezing rain . and runoff where some water goes into streams and river or soaks in to ground to form aquifers


There are 5 types. 1st fog ground level cloud. That are very easy to spot out difference between the other clouds . low altitude only at 2,000 mile call stratus there is little sunlight going out of this cloud. the mid altitude clouds which are about 2000 miles up to 6000 miles up. There called altocumulus. The look dark on bottom. The next cloud about 1000 miles to 12000 miles up. There called vertical clouds usally there are thunder storms with this cloud. High altitude clouds about 6000 miles up there called cirrus clouds there thin and wispy.

types of Precipatation

am just going to tell about it in 4 layers. Like rain starts out as snow like most of the other precipitation for first layers then hot for next 3 layers. Freezing rain starts out as snow then next 2 layers is hot then last layer cold. Then for sleet it cold 1st layer then hot next layer cold for next 2 layer. and snow it all the way cold. And for hail when heavy upwards wind blow rain drops up into freezing cold forms small pieces of ice then they fall when to heavy to carry for the wind to carry back up.

Solid Liquids and gases

How do you water into a solid or a gas . Well to change it from liquid to solid you freeze it at 32 degrees f or o c you make ice . You change liquid to gas by boiling it 212f f or 0 Celsius for steam a gas . for gas to liquid you have to freeze it. to solid to liquid you have to melt it those are changes to water for all types of matter

Buinesses around water

What do with water for buiness. if your a gardener you water your flowers or use it for going down the river to deliver goods. Or many buiness are around oceans like surf board shops or sking or snowboarding are all around water or boat shops or cruise ships for vactions these are buiness aroun water