Carlos Garrido

Soccer Player

About me

I'm 14 years old, I'm Mexican, i play soccer a lot, friendly, live in Anna, Texas, was born in Anaheim, California , kind person, eat a lot of food, like hanging out with friends, go out a lot, and like to party.

Soccer is one of my hobbie

When ever im bored, I go out and play soccer with my freinds. We play soccer mostly everyday.
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Partying is my second hobbie

i like to party a lot. I'm not the best dancer there is but i still try. i could dance to some songs. I usally dance when theres a circle an everyoneis dancing.
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Hanging out with my friends is my third hobbie

i like hanging out with my friends a lot because we play soccer, we mess around, we go to movies, we go to malls, and we go out to eat.
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Friday is one of my favoritve movie. I seen it more than 10 times. Even though i seen it a lot of times, it doesn't seem boring or non-funny the tenth time.
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What are your dreams/aspirations?

My dream is become a pro soccer player, have my own company, and become manager at Hooters.

what do you love/hate?

I love to eat food. The foods I like to eat the most is pizza, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets. The things I hate are when they take for ever to give you your food, bullies, and I hate homework.

What bring you joy and happiness?

What brings my happiness is soccer and food.

Place you've been that have impacted you and why?

California is the place i been that impacted me because its a beautiful place to stay at. There's a lot of people there store's everywhere.

Quote that fits you and why.

"Playing soccer with your feets is one thing, but playing soccer with your heart is another..."-Ronaldinho

This quote fits me because I play soccer with my heart.