Myself and my favorite things.

My favorite anime is portrayed here, and their meaning to me

My life has been deeply affected by anime in the past few months and has shown me a different light in the culture and of Japan and the world around me, and has given me a better thing to do than nothing.

My Favorite quote to follow.

Hehe, you're funny. Do you know what else is funny? It's the desire of the freelance to copy other people. To be someone else, if you will. Yet it's this very desire to be someone you're not that makes you unique. In the end, you are not the people who you are trying to be. No. You find who you truly are. In the end, you are yourself. You are genuine. It's magnificent. I think someone such as yourself can truly understand this.
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Date a Life

Date a Life was the first anime that I began watching that changed my perspective on the world of anime and how watching it affected my life.
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This is the main instrument I play in band, I enjoy hearing the cords and sound it can create.

My Soul, Your Beats

The opening song for the anime Angel Beats, a sad and emotional anime.
My Soul, Your Beats instrumental