National Park Project Groups

Which National Park do you want to learn more about?

1st hour groups

Lindsay Borso & Nick Wells = Haleakala

George Chen & Sydney Small = Olympic

Jacelyn Ma & Brent Vincent = Wind Cave

Steven Wu & Ian Wilsdon = Hawaii Volcanoes

Alyssa Lane & Trent Hill = Everglades

Jessica Marvin & Adolfo Diaz = Mammoth Cave

Sam Wolverton & Brandon Benjamin = Virgin Islands

Haley Rippetoe & Evan Dewald = Yellowstone

Paige Hart & Reid L'Esperance = Smoky Mountains

Michelle LaFave & Martin Erdman = Redwood Forest

6th Hour groups

Stephanie Coselman/Chloe Hatfield/Snow Zeng = American Samoa

Hunter Richardson & Seager Bachman = Hot Springs

Alivia Lee & Krystine Melton = Crater Lake

Brendan Glennie & Owen Cline = Petrified Forest

Andrew Drentlaw/Ashley Glass/Kiana Perry = Rocky Mountains

Amy Glass & Avery Ayliffe = Yosemite

Thomas White & Dillan Driskell = Denali

Chainey Schnebelt/Darnell Adams/Keiffer Kennedy = Dry Tortugas

Josh Holczman & Connor Raymond = Badlands

Sam Thompson & Andrew Efu = Glacier

Kylee Cremer and Rylee Root-Lupu = Sequoia

Don't forget!

You will be eventually presenting one concept from your park to the Elementary School kids "science fair style" in the gym. You can pick any aspect of your park that you want to focus on: some geologic feature, an animal, a fossil, etc. Make sure that it's a broad enough topic that you can find information on it because you'll need to be able to modify it for a variety of learning levels (K-6 grades).