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Weekly newsletter for staff 24th May 2019

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Staff Social - June 1st (Saturday) from 2:30pm at the Judge's Lodging in York. All welcome.
  • Behaviour and Complaints Logs - These logs are now set up in the School Improvement drive and will be looked at by Ofsted (and me!). Please ensure that you are logging any complaints from parents and also any behaviour incidents that you need to report to parents.
  • Tea and Coffee - Due again now please
  • Staff Code of Conduct - Please ensure that you have read the new MAT Code of Conduct, then print and return the sign-off sheet to me by Friday 7th June
  • Training Day - You should have seen the email I sent about this. Meet at school at 9 am for Fire Safety training followed by sorting out of the PPA room and library. Bring food for staff fuddle.
  • Interview Update - The interviews were very successful and we have appointed Mr Tom Symes for Year 5 and Mrs Angela Slater to work with Sarah D in year 1 from September. they will both be in for the moving up days and to meet staff before the holidays.
  • Target Tracker - For those interested, there is an update to Target Tracker coming out soon (Version 15.8). Please view the video clip on TT to see what will be changing.
  • Staff Meetings - Please see link below for next term's staff meetings - All welcome
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Diary Dates Next Week

Monday 3rd -

  • 09:00 Fire Safety Training

Tuesday 4th -

  • SB out - Thrive Course
  • 14:45 Parent to see GM (HL Y1)
  • 16:30 Parent to see KH (ZP)

Wednesday 5th -

  • BC out moderating
  • Alumasc Roofing to survey roof am
  • 10:00 Cheryl Tattersall SALT to see OD, PL, GS (EYFS)
  • 15:30 KW, JMcK Finance Sub-Commitee @TGS

Thursday 6th -

  • 12:00 Tri Golf @ Kellington
  • 15:30 Staff Meeting: Maths/ English Leads

Friday 7th -

  • Y3/4 Cricket Tournament
  • 16:00 FOKF School Disco - Volunteers to help?
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Thank you and Well done.....

Emma would like to say thanks to:

Catherine, for covering her break duty

Gemma, Kerry and Becca for giving her examples of planning and books to show at her MLDP presentation.

Gemma again, for all your help and support with her presentation.

I would like to thank you all for your amazing support for our school and children this week, especially those who gave up their time outside school hours so that the camp could go ahead. It makes me so proud and honoured to work with such a great team of people.

Also to all our support staff who have taken on the lunchtime duties going forward. This isn't how I want it to be but needs must and I do appreciate the way you pull together to support the school. Thank you

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

Jacqui on the 25th