Weekly Tech News

August 10, 2017

Morning Trainings

After reflecting on the training offerings last school year, I've decided to make some changes. Here are the main points of interest:

  • Every building will be offered 2 sessions each month. The first session is a JOT (just one time) that will quickly cover new tech that can be integrated into your class. The second session will be a playground where you can collaborate with others and practice using the tech from the JOT session.
  • The JOT sessions will be required, but the playground sessions are optional.
  • You will receive PGP for any session that you attend.
  • Sessions will start in September.
  • August will be used for new staff Canvas training.

Morning Training Schedule

Note: I will notify you via email if there are any changes to this schedule.

New Teacher Canvas Training

August 15,17, 22, 24, 29, and 31

Wolf Lake Tuesdays (first date required)

September 5 and 19

October 3 and 17

November 7 and 21

December 5 and 19

January 9 and 23

February 6 and 20

March 6 and 20

April 10 and 24

May 1 and 15

Albion Tuesdays (first date required) (There are two Monday sessions due to 3 Tuesdays in the month)

September 12 and 26

October 10 and 24

November 14 and 28

December 12 and 18

January 16 and 30

February 13 and 27

March 13 and 27

April 17 and 23

May 8 and 22

Junior High Thursdays (first date required)

September 7 and 21

October 5 and 26

November 2 and 16

December 7 and 21

January 11 and 25

February 1 and 15

March 1 and 15

April 12 and 26

May 3 and 17

Senior High Thursdays (first date required)

September 14 and 28

October 12 and 26

November 9 and 30

December 14 and 21

January 18 and 25

February 8 and 22

March 8 and 22

April 19 and 26

May 10 and 17

CN Tech Fellowship Program

Gone are the days where I will be visiting classrooms door to door. If you would like to meet with me face to face, send me an email. I will visit immediately if possible, or we can schedule a time. In place of door to door visits, I will be initiating the CN Tech Fellowship. The CN Tech Fellowship is for all tech levels! Growth through collaboration is the main objective! Check out the graphic below for more information! I'm very excited about this program and hope to get applicants from all buildings!
Big image

Interested in Becoming a Tech Fellow? Apply Below!


I will be selecting teachers for the program on September 1, and the program will begin the following week.

Tech Teams

I will continue meeting with elementary tech teams this school year. Starting next week, I will begin working with the elementary students on an application process for new members. At the Junior High, I will be meeting with students during Cougar U.


After a successful pilot at the end of last school year, I decided to move forward with the Code.org curriculum. Over the summer, the program change from a four tiered system to a K-5 Grade level system. This year I will be working with kindergarten, second, and fourth grades. I would love to meet with each class during their computer lab time, but my schedule will not allow for that. I must ask for flexibility when it comes to scheduling a time. Second grade teachers, I plan on working with your classes first. Be on the lookout for an email to schedule a time.


Along with the tech teams and coding lessons, I will also be starting a robotics team at AE. This team will be comprised of third grade students only. AE third grade teachers be on the lookout for an email with more information. My goal is to start meeting with the team the first week of September.

Beginning of the Year Canvas Tips

Cross Listing (combining multiple sections of the same course)

1. Open the first section of that course in your day.

2. Copy the four digit number at the end of the URL. (web address)

3. Go back to your dashboard.

4. Open the second section of the course

5. Click "settings"

6. Click the "sections" tab

7. Click the blue section (it is the title of the course)

8. Click "cross list this course"

9. Paste the four digit code in the second box (it's a smaller box)

10. Hit enter (the course title should appear below)

11. Click the "cross-list this section" button.

12. Repeat steps 4-11 for your remaining sections of the course.

Set your Home Page

1. Click "pages" within the course

2. Click "view all pages" (if you already see a list of all of your pages, skip this step)

3. Locate the page that you want to be your home screen on the list

3. Make sure the cloud next to the page is green. Click the cloud to change it to green if needed. (this publishes the page)

2. Click the gear icon

3. Click "use as front page"

4. Go back to the course's home screen

5. On the right, click "choose home page"

6. Choose "pages front page"

Import from Content from Last Year

1. Open the course that you want to add the content to

2. Click "settings"

3. Click "import course content" (on the right)

4. Click the content type dropdown

5. Select "copy a canvas course"

6. Fill in the responses

7. Import

Note: If you select specific content instead of the whole course, the select content option will appear next to the job under the current jobs list.

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!