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Lakeview Family Newsletter - September 18

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Virtual Schedules

We have completed our first week of the new virtual schedule and it has gone well. It takes adjustment to understand, and we appreciate your flexibility. We truly believe that the key to closing learning gaps is the Small Group time - those 15 minute sessions scattered in different times of the day - that teachers are providing. If you could see Lakeview in action in a normal year, you would see Small Groups happening all day long. Our challenge is to make that happen in a virtual format as well. This is why is it so important that students know their schedule and attend those small groups. Our teachers have this information on the daily agendas and landing pages, found on the "Virtual School Info" page of the Lakeview website.

Supply Pickup - Thank you!

Thanks to all of our families for stopping by on Thursday and Friday for supply pickup. The materials are enough for the next several weeks. Please keep all of the supplies we have sent home together because we are going to need all of them back.

We still have about 30 bags left in the office. You will need those for class right away, so please come to the office on Monday between 8-3.

Donations - thank you!

Lakeview Elementary recently received donations from two valued partners - Trinity Lutheran Church and the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary. Thank you to both of these groups!

For the 2nd year in a row, Trinity Lutheran has purchased backpacks and filled them with supplies from our school supply list. In addition, they provided many other supplies (see picture below of Pastor Denise and Principal Sepersky with the donation). Last year, Trinity and Lakeview also established a "reading buddies" program where volunteers came and read to students. We are hoping to restart that again in a virtual format.

The KC's Ladies Auxiliary donated school supplies (notebooks, paper, writing tools, etc.) and we are grateful for their annual support!

Trinity Church donations

Technology Problem Solving Tips

Our teachers and secretaries have become the "geek squad" in the past few weeks, helping students and families through all sorts of tech issues. The most common issue is garbled audio and lagging or frozen video. Here are a few things we encourage you to try on your own which may save you and your student some frustration:

Close all other tabs that are not needed for class. Having other tabs (Youtube, streaming games or videos) open hurts performance. This is almost always the solution.

Unplug headphones. If your child has a set of headphones with a microphone, sometimes those microphones are not the best quality. Your computer's built-in mic and speakers might be better.

Move closer to your internet router. Also, if your router offers multiple networks (for example, Spectrum usually has a 2G and a 5G option), try switching between them.

Switch off other devices in your home. Internet TV's and other devices use bandwidth. Make sure they are off when not in use so your child's device can function better.

• Clear Chromebook browsing history and cache. Devices get bogged down from the weight of past page visits. Here is how you clear history and here is how to clear the cache and cookies.

If all else fails, click "My Chromebook is broken" on the Lakeview website and we will work with you to replace.

PTO Update

The Lakeview PTO met (virtually, of course!) on Thursday, September 17. The PTO is working to support teachers and families even in these unique times. Please click here to see the PTO page on the Lakeview website for information including:

• Link to PTO Facebook - make sure to "like" us!

• PTO leadership and email address

• PTO Meeting minutes

The next PTO meeting will be Thursday, October 15th at 7:00 p.m. and they are usually on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Please mark your calendars!

Conferences ... an update

In last week's family newsletter, I said to watch for a Sign-Up Genius for the parent/teacher conferences in October. In these crazy times, plans change fast. South Milwaukee is going to delay Fall Conferences since we just had Launchpad Meetings in September. Watch for future updates, but remember that you can reach out to your child's teacher at any time to talk.

1st & 2nd grade families only

Each year, the state of Wisconsin requires an early literacy assessment. The test South Milwaukee uses is called the "PALS Assessment" and it must be conducted in person. We have daytime and evening options available for you on September 29 and 30 as well as evening options on October 1. Every 1st and 2nd grade student needs to complete the assessment. Our 1st and 2nd grade teachers will continue their regular virtual teaching, but they will know that your child will miss a portion of the virtual school day for this test. The Sign-up Genius forms are separated by daytime and evening. Everyone attending needs to wear a mask and we will ensure safety protocols are met, including time between each appointment for cleaning.

Here is the link to daytime slots on September 29 and 30 at Lakeview

Here is the link to evening slots on September 30 at Lakeview and October 1 at Luther (you can go to E. W. Luther if needed for this).

Launchpad Survey Results

Thank you to the families who completed the Launchpad Meeting survey. Some of the comments included that it was helpful to make personal connections with teachers, installing bookmarks on the computer, expectations, and student independence. See below for some charts of responses. If you have not completed the survey and would like to add your thoughts, please click here - we would love to hear from everyone!

Meal Distribution

Did you know that all children can get free meals (breakfast & lunch) at Lakeview right now? Please click here for information. Meal service is on Monday and Wednesday from 11:00-12:30.