Physical&Chemical Analysis Of "Man"

Arbriana Carter 3rd-pd

About Me

  • Element Name: Arbriana Carter
  • Atomic Mass: 77.1107
  • Symbol: Pisces (My Zodiac)
  • Discovers: I was discovered in November, 21,1999. By GeGail (Mom) & Francois (Dad).
  • Occurrence: high concentration in Richardson, Tx Area & Low Concentration in the Garland,Tx Area.

Physical Properties

  1. Surface Properties: brown skin, brown hair &hazel eyes
  2. Boils When.... Around Dense material. (STUPID PEOPLE)
  3. Melts when.... In the "Big Star" shines down on the earths surface& causes the temperature to rise over 97 degree. (Band Camp NEARLY Killed Me this summer)
  4. Can Cause... people to strongly dislike me if.... I had a BAD attitude EVERYDAY
  5. Specimens can be found in various states.. of a solid & liquid. (Body Fluids & From the "integumentary" System.
  6. Becomes stubborn and unyielding when.. I'm unpleased with the situation at hand.
  • Sad when... I see people who are close to me HURTING or STRUGGLING with something that I know I can't HELP with.
  • Mad when... People talk OVER me...& ATTEMPT to tell me i'm the one in the wrong.

Chemical Properties

  1. Is Repelled by.....Un-godly Things &people that i know cant benefit me in the future.
  2. Is attracted to... Positive Vibes (people, places & things)
  3. May explode spontaneously when.. I see my favorite singer...Fantasia Monique Barrino take the stage. (concert)
  4. Requires copious amounts of....Sleep,H20 &Takis!( Fav. Chips)
  5. Is inert if..... My Grandmother cooks that DELICIOUS Home-cooked Meal, & i just so happen to be sitting on the couch. (My Laziness at its Best)
  6. Will repel..... i sense DRAMA, that i know i shouldn't be involved in.