Schedules - Changes & Corrections

August 6, 2019

Viewing Your Schedule

Student schedules will be available through the CPS Families Portal on Friday, August 9th for families who have completed the online registration steps in the "9-12 Back to School" folder.

If needed, you can find instructions for completing your registration through the CPS Family Portal HERE.

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Schedule Change Procedures and Parameters

Schedules are built based on student requests. Counselors have worked hard to ensure that students have a complete schedule based on the courses they requested during the registration process this spring, however, we understand that sometimes students change their minds. Students interested in requesting a schedule change should view the information below:

The procedures and parameters for schedule CHANGES are as follows:

  • Students with complete schedules will need to attend the first two days of classes, Thursday, August 15th and Friday, August 16.

  • Starting Friday, August 16 at 4:05 PM students will be able to schedule an appointment to meet with their counselor to inquire about a schedule change. Links to counselors’ appointment calendars will be available on the Counseling website:

  • Schedule change appointments will be offered Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20. Appointments are limited to 10 minutes in length in order to accommodate as many students as possible during those two days.

  • Appointments can only be made before/after school, during a student’s lunch shift, AUT, Advisory, study hall, or CPS Virtual block.

    • Appointments cannot be made during a time the student is scheduled to be in class. Appointments scheduled during a class block will be cancelled.

  • Students can only schedule one appointment spot. If a student signs up for more than one appointment, the additional appointment spot(s)will be cancelled to allow other students the opportunity to schedule an appointment.

  • In order to see as many students as possible during the schedule change window, the only changes counselors can accommodate during the 10 minute appointment are as follows:

    • Replacing one class with another class offered the same block (i.e. dropping 2A Class 1 and adding 2A Class 2)

    • Dropping a class and adding a different class during your AUT block (i.e. dropping 2A Class 1, moving AUT to 2A, and adding 4B Class 2 where you used to have AUT)

    • Dropping an elective for a 2nd AUT (applicable only to Seniors who do not need to be MSHSAA eligible)

  • If a student is unable to schedule an appointment to meet with their counselor on the 19th or 20th, counselors will be available to see students on a walk-in basis between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 21 (the office will be closed for lunch from 11:30 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.). The same parameters on schedule changes considered during the 10 minute appointments (above) will apply to walk-in meetings.

  • The last day to add a class is Wednesday, August 21.

  • The last day to drop a class with no penalty is Monday, September 23. Students will only be able to add an AUT (for Seniors who only have 1 AUT) or Study Hall as the deadline to add a credited course has passed.

  • Level changes (i.e. AP to honors, honors to regular) will not be considered until the student has been in the course long enough for the teacher to make a determination regarding the appropriateness of a change, usually not until after the first IPR or the first major test/assignment. Level changes can only be made if there are seats open in a lower level section that fits in the student’s schedule.

  • The last day to make a level change is Friday, November 22 unless an earlier deadline is established by the teacher.

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You Don't Have to Wait to Fix a Mistake!

Students who have one of the following errors on their schedule need to complete a SCHEDULE CORRECTION, and should see their counselor ASAP:

  • Missing a core or grade required class - Math, English, Social Studies, Science (9 - 11), Advisory (9), AUT (10-12), any graduation requirement (Seniors).

  • Missing a band, orchestra, choir class for which you auditioned and were assigned by the music instructor.

  • Placed in the wrong band/orchestra/choir class based on your audition assignment

  • Missing a World Language class that you requested.

  • Placed in the wrong level of World Language (i.e. need to be in French 3, but have French 2 on your schedule)

  • Placed in the wrong level of math (i.e. need to be in Algebra 2, but have Geometry on your schedule)

    • “Wrong level” does NOT mean you have Algebra 2 H on your schedule, based on your original requests, but you changed your mind and want to take regular Algebra 2. That is a level CHANGE, not a level correction. Level changes (i.e. AP to honors, honors to regular) will not be considered until enough time has passed for the teacher to make a determination regarding the appropriateness of a change, and then can only be made if seats in the lower level are available.

  • Placed in a class you have already completed and cannot repeat for credit (i.e. Health is on your schedule, but you took Health in Summer School. This does NOT apply to courses you can repeat for credit such as PE, band, choir/show choir, orchestra, etc.).

We Appreciate Your Patience!

We want to take a moment to say a preemptive, "THANK YOU", for your patience and understanding. With over 2,000 students at Rock Bridge this year, scheduling and schedule changes will be more difficult. We promise to do what we can within the established parameters to help students have an awesome schedule this school year, but we are aware that not everyone will get their first choices.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to a great start to the 2019-20 school year!


The Rock Bridge Counseling Department

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