The Weekly Knot

Vol.4 Issue 8

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Mrs.Tracey will be sending out directions for collection.

Teacher Week Schedule

A Week-Media Schedule

Monday, October 16th

Chorus- Serenade 1 8-8:45

MI Make-Ups

Tuesday, October 17th

Chorus- Serenade 2 8-8:45

Wednesday, October 18th

Faculty Study Group Meeting, 2:15-2:45, Focus:Time to work on SLOS

Thursday, October 19th

Assemblies:Shker, "Dancing Warriors"

8-8:45: Grades 2,3,4

9-9:45: Grades PreK, K, 1, 5

Chorus- Catalina 1 8-8:45, 2 9-9:45

Friday, October 20th

PD Day- No Students Details in Dr. Liburd's Message