Team Twenty Update

December 7, 2015

Curriculum News

Wow what a busy month and it is flying by! Here's what our week looks like in a nutshell.

Math: We are still working on strategies for word problems. Here is one we have found success with. 1. Circle the important information that indicates a number. 2. Underline words that indicate an operation. 3. Write an equation. 4. Solve the problem. This is helping students slow down and process the information.

Reading: We are working on vocabulary and finding details from text with our group read The Double Life of Pocahontas by Jean Fritz. (If you are interested in reading this book at home it is on the kindle store for $6.99 as well as ibooks.) In addition, for Social Studies and Science we are reading a variety of research materials to answer research questions for our Regions and Cultures Project. To see all the details on the project, have your child show you the assignment on Google classroom. We are thrilled to welcome U of M history professor Matthew Thick to our room next Tuesday. We will be learning about natives of Michigan and how they have used available resources.

Writing: Students are working on proper form for research writing including: paragraph development, citations, note taking, and academic honesty.

Spelling: This is our third week. Spelling lists are developed on Mondays in a shared google doc available on The Creative Classroom. We will only have one more week of spelling next week.

"Human cultures develop in response to available resources."

Holiday Celebration

The students in room 20 will be in charge of planning the day on December 22. Stay tuned for a note from them about the schedule and any resources they might need.