flight case extrusion


Case Foam Inserts

Jit-Pak are not only case specialists, we manufacture and convert foam within our two industrial facilities. One factory is to establish for all the CNC Routing production specialising in case foam inserts, using the other factory setup for all the Die Cutting production. Both industrial facilities have fabrication facilities too.

Our selection of CNC hubs can handle routing up to 10 foam inserts at a time, and may route up to 155mm deep in solid block. There is no need for untidy glueing of layers that is sometimes needed with Die Cutting as well as takes away from the look and gratifaction from the flight case rack.

Contact work together with your enquiry for a quick quotation. Please be aware that flight case rack aren't economical against "standard" foam for 1 offs or low amounts. However, in a few cases, they're really less expensive than the conventional foam PLUS it will save you doing the "picking n plucking" which on large amounts, is mundane and time intensive!

Consistent with our rivals, we're now presenting a minimum order value for CNC routing of £150.00