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Team News - December 2014

NEW Lead Generator

Hello Ladies! I am excited and very grateful for the wonderful things that the Nest has been doing lately to help us to grow our business. One of the latest tools is the new Lead Generator that was announced recently.

Let's see if you have been paying attention. The first person to answer ALL FIVE QUESTIONS below correctly will receive a little gift from me.

Please email your answers to me at mauiOOwl@gmail.com

  1. TRUE or FALSE, a Designer must have 500 PV in the previous month in order to receive an ONLINE SALES lead.
  2. TRUE or FALSE, any Designer can receive a SPONSORING lead.
  3. TRUE or FALSE, if you meet the Designer Requirements for a lead, this means you are automatically assigned the lead since it is in your zip code.
  4. TRUE or FALSE, if you don't have an active O2 website, you can still qualify for a lead.
  5. TRUE OR FALSE, to find out if I was assigned a lead, I log into my back office, then go to Stay-Up-To-Date, then News.

Welcome New Members

Welcome to our most recent team members! So happy to have you on board. Regular communication with your Mentor and staying up-to-date with the latest updates are key to the success of your business.

Updates are provided to you in the following ways:

You might also be added by your Mentor to Facebook groups that are administrated by several of our O2 Directors.

Origami Owl Marketing Material

Marketing materials such as business cards, rack cards, post cards, etc are an important part of any business. There are two approved companies that have been been producing fantastic material for O2 Designers. I encourage you to check them out if you haven't done so already.

Team Woo Hoo

  • October 3,223
  • November 2,276

(These are from my direct team members)

  • Wendy Cabebe 410
  • Celeste Sportsman 265
  • Mina Drake 157

  • Wendy Cabebe 637
  • Celeste Sportsman 258
  • Sheila Sarmiento 69

TOP 3 Levels 2 - 3 TEAM MEMBERS


  • Janice Muranaka 242
  • Kori Yamada 102
  • Jodi Hogin 100


  • Eva Dudoit 154
  • Glory Ribao 97
  • Annette Iglesias 56
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Use December to Maximize Your January

The December 14, 11:59 pm EST deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery using Standard Shipping is quickly approaching. But does that mean that your business closes for the remainder of the year? Not necessarily.

You will want to (and should) take time off to spend with loved ones during holiday celebrations but I encourage you to also be use the rest of December to continue to grow your business into 2015. Remember, your website runs 24/7. Customers will still be able to submit orders using expedited delivery (if necessary) AND now is the time to fill your January calendar.

There are tons of information out there on how to you use the last few weeks of December to start your business off with a bang in 2015. Here are a couple:

8 Ways to Build Your Business - created by the Nest, this video and supporting documents were announced in this week's the Hoot which is sent to you weekly by email.

How to Book January Parties for Your Direct Selling Business - I posted this in our team's 808 Hoots Facebook group but I've noticed that not everyone has been checking in on our team page on a daily basis, so here is the link to the video created by the Party Plan Divas:


When you are done, please email me at mauiOOwl@gmail.com and tell me which of these tips, from any of the two presentations, you plan to implement for your business and how you will do it.

Do you have tips or have done other things to grow your business not shared in the two videos? Please include this in your email to me.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Rhonda Cua Barut, Independent Designer #15592

Senior Team Leader for Team 808 Hoots.