Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Lynnsey Wallen


For the REST of their lives . .

Professional Animal Retirement Center, known locally as “Black Pine Animal Sanctuary” in Albion, Indiana provides refuge to nearly 100 displaced, captive-raised exotic animals for the REST of their lives. We offer a variety of educational programs to enhance people’s knowledge of exotic and endangered species, and to encourage responsible animal care, especially for captive exotic animals.

What They Believe/Mission

  1. Captive exotic animals have the right to be free from exploitation for entertainment, cruelty, neglect, and abuse.
  2. Captive exotic animals have the right to a healthy diet, protective shelter, and adequate medical care.

  3. Captive exotic animals have the right to live and grow at the rhythm and under the conditions of life and freedom peculiar to their species.

  4. Captive exotic animals should only be bred as part of a bonafide conservation program with appropriate, natural habitats that foster natural selection without diminishing genetic purity.

  5. Captive exotic animals should only be kept under compliance with all local, state, regional, national, and international laws.


Black Pine is home to nearly 100 non-domestic animals. Residents include wildcats, bears, wild canines, reptiles, birds, and more.

Our residents are the products of the exotic wildlife trade. Some are surrendered former "pets". Some have been abandonded and recovered. Others have been confiscated.

Ways to Help

  1. Donate
  2. Buy a gift card starting at $10
  3. Volunteer
  4. Buy a brick
  5. Ask them about what they can help organize to help with

Volunteer Work:

  1. is 18 years or older

  2. has their own, reliable transportation

  3. will correspond routinely by email and/or text messages with our staff

  4. will utilize Internet-based resources to review and commit work schedules

  5. will commit to complete training requirements.

  6. will commit to contributing four hours of work once a month after training

  7. will read and follow written instruction

  8. will listen and follow verbal instruction

  9. will strive to work independently once trained on a task

  10. will respect and adhere to all safety protocols and risk management initiatives