Sports Psychologist

Garrett Ewing

Occupation and Description

- Help athletes develop and get through rough times.

- Usually provide mental support for an athlete that has just got an injury.

- Deal with athletes and those around the sports side of psychology.

- Monitor behavior of a team, player, or group of people.

- Can host workshops for the players and others.

Certifications Necessary to Practice

- Sports psychology is a branch off psychology it self.

- There are sport psychology programs that will not be required, but will help.

- Also all states require some type of certification or licensure.

- Helps to be part APA (American Psychological Association.)

Daily Activities: Nature of the Work

- Working with clients. Could be at a high school, college, or professional level.

- Creating interventions that would help the player to compete at his/her greatest level.

- Giving athletes mental strategies that would help them after an injury or other life events that may bring that person down in life.

Education Requirements

- You need at least a bachelors degree.

- A master would help and a PHD would help as well.

Payday- What is average income?

- The average income of a sports psychologist is $90,000.

- Depending on where you are working you could make more or less.

What skills are necessary to be successful in this profession?

  • - An interest in science and maths.
  • - Excellent communication and listening skills.
  • - Empathy and the ability to deal with people in distress.
  • - Honesty and integrity.
  • - The ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • - The ability to work well in a team.

Practice Settings: Where would you work?

- You could be working in a hospital, school, professional teams stadium, rehabilitation unit, university research department or sports facility. You would have a office base, but would be wherever your client is at.

3 Fun Facts

- Many olympians use a sports psychologist, because of how stressful the olympics can be.

-Muhammad Ali used one

- Nolan Ryan also used one

A Day in the Life of Sport Psychologist Dr. John Mathers