Nazi Germany 1937-1938

By: Evan B./Pranav A./Sashank K.

Jewish Persecution and Deportation.

1937 was the start of major Jewish persecution in Germany.It started with the forming of Buchenwald Concentration Camp that held political Jewish prisoners.In 1938 all Jewish men were required to add "Israel" to their name and likewise the women had to add "Sarah" to their name.In the mid 1938's tens of thousands of Jews were expelled into Poland. Later that year all the Jews were fined and all Jewish children were expelled from public schools.In early November of that year all Jewish shops and businesses were demolished burned and ransacked, this event was known as "The night of broken glass". If you objected you were shot on sight and most if not all of the shop owners were sent to concentration camps.


German Troops Marching Jews Into A concentration camp

Axis Powers and WWII

1938 laid the foundation for World War Two. Hitler avoided the Treaty of Versailles which marked the end of World War One. He also started gaining control of other countries. These events are the spark for WWII because of Germany gaining power rapidly. 1938 Is also when most of the Axis Powers were found. Japan and Italy joined Germany that year. Japan also began its reign of power by taking most of China and some of Mongolia then preceded to attack the Soviet Union west of China. Italy also began to move its troops north into Germany setting up outposts on their way in the countries they passed through.

Signing Of The Treaty Of Versailles

Germany Gaining Power

In 1938 Germany captured its first country Austria and the area signed to France during WWI. The Munich Agreement is also signed which gives Germany control of The Czechoslovak Sudetenland Area to try and appease Hitler. After these victories Hitler continues and capture other countries well into the 1940's.Aside form the Japanese and Italy Germany had gained various support form foreign countries. It had helped with the civil war in Spain and in return Spain sent thousands of troops into Germany to help fight Europe. Germany had also forged relations with Finland, Thailand, and Iraq.


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