Tell Me Something Good Tuesday

Celebrating Teaching & Learning at Norman Elementary

For the love of learning...

Engagement and authentic learning experiences go a long way. When our kids connect with their teachers and the content they retain more knowledge. Lots of great examples of this happening here at Norman this past week! Check it out, y'all. Let's keep up the great work!

-Mrs. V

3rd Grade Scholars

Word Detectives with Flocabulary

These first few weeks we've been focusing on context clues including synonyms and antonyms. This week we got our flow on with Flocabulary to help us with these concepts.

4th Grade Scholars

5th Grade Scholars

Can you feel the love?

5th grade goes ga-ga over Kahoot! Gotta love this game-based learning platform that engages kids while doing formative assessments.

Tools for Teaching

We're always looking for ways to bring the real world into the classroom. Look no further...check out NEWSELA! This site offers an innovative way to build comprehension skills with nonfiction texts that are always relevant: the daily news. You'll find articles and quizzes on anything from current politics, scientific discoveries, and even sporting events! The best part... you can share the same article with your students at their own different reading levels. Newsela makes differentiation look easy!