The worst thing, even worse then teaching llamas to drive~

What is Untitled?

Untitled is a lack of creativity. It causes a human's brains to empty, and lose all ideas of creating a title. It makes a human sit and stare at their paper/computer, and waste their very valuable (I doubt that) time. (If their time was valuable, they wouldn't be teaching llamas to drive) That is untitled. Please, be cautious, and don't name an article "untitled".

How does Untitled happen?

Hmm, say you happen to be writing a report on the history of rubber ducks. You head to your computer, lalala, all happy and joyful, but you want a creative name. Rubber... ducky.... ummm... durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You have become.... UNTITLED! This is a horrible event, and can corrupt a human's brain. Don't let this happen! Always use google, or maybe sneak out Albert Einstein's brain. I can get my cousin Allen do a brain transplant for free. Obviously, I was kidding. My Uncle Jack would have to do that ;)

How do You Prevent Untitled?

Well, of course, I got my doctor's degree at Real Medical School University, so I have the right to make Untitled an official virus. So, to fight this virus, you need to go to school. Well, that is a hard process, but you can always head to the other Real Medical School University students, and try our brain medicine. (read in quick voice) Side effects may include of eternal pain, cough, itch, death, stroke, death, eternal suffering, more pain, more death, turning into an octopus for 86 hours a day, death, and sneezing.


Thank you for taking your precious (probably not) time to learn about Untitled. Again, LLAMAS CAN'T DRIVE! Well, be sure to donate to the Real "Fighting Untitled" Association. We are doing the cricket challenge where you either dump a bucket of crickets on you, or donate a 100 dollars to the RFUA. We nominate all the readers. Thank you all, for reading this article. I appreciate it.