Nadia's Stella & Dot Hostess Guide

thank you for hosting a Stella & Dot Style Session

This Guide will help make the best of your Style Session so you can reap the awesome bennefits

Being a hostess is a great way to connect with your friends for fun and rewards. Our typical hostess earns hundreds in free products and more at 1/2 off.

We pride ourselves on having something for a classic, sophisticated woman, as well as the fresh-from-college hipster and everyone in between. We even offer styles for little girls and tweens.

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Nervous about who to invite or that no one will show up? Don't be!!

Use our Social Mixology List to build your guest list! We can set up a time to chat and I can help you put your list together!

It's also great to create a FB event this way we can share promos, style tips with your friends.

  • Invite everyone, it's not a party for best friends only
  • Friends,
  • Relatives,
  • Acquaintances,
  • Neighbors,
  • Kid's friend's parents,
  • Work friends

Don't forget - you never know who will LOVE Stella & Dot and spend a ton, so don't prejudge. Most hostesses are always surprised by their biggest spenders.

Those who cannot make it can order online under your show:

If someone says they can't come just say, "I will miss you! If you see anything you love you can order online under my show or contact my Stylist Nadia "

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Helpful Suggestions

  • K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple and stylish!
  • Don't worry about trying to be Martha Stewart! - Just put out some wine, cheese & crackers or champagne & cupcakes
  • Everyone usually eats before coming and is on a diet, so they just want to relax, have a drink and play with jewelry!
  • I want you to be able to play with the jewelry and bags, this way you see what you love and are ready to pick out your FREE JEWELRY when there is time!
  • TABLE - I will need a table to display my jewelry and it would be great if I was as close to the food/drinks as possible, we know women love to congregate around the kitchen!
  • Dress in something that I can style easily that night so I can put jewels on you and change them throughout the night
  • I want you to make the MOST free jewelry possible so if you want to borrow a jewelry roll to bring to work the week of your show or to your kids events, etc feel free to ask me, so I can have you show off the jewels
  • Encourage friends to bring a friend if they wish
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Nadia Austin Independent Stylist for Stella and Dot Germany & Switzerland