Neon Dance!

Wilton Junior High School

Come and show up at the dance in crazy colors!

The dance will be on May 4th at 5-8 pm in the Jr. high gym. Please write down any songs you want to play at the school, down. No songs will be played if there are bad words in it. Remember that the lights will be off so don't wear dark colors! Don't be afraid to DANCE!

Some of the events we will be doing.

  • Dancing
  • Contests
  • Eating(if you bring money)

Should we bring money?

Yes, to get in, of course. It will cost two dollars to get in. If you get hungry or thirsty then you can buy a pop, water, or Gatorade and for food there will be pizza, desserts, or candy. So if I were you I would bring money. 10 dollars would be enough.

Guaranteed to be fun and colorful!

Extra things to know

The contest will be later in the night! It will be on who is wearing the best clothing of neon colors or on how much you are wearing. The prize will be a surprise.