Act 3 Scene 2

Andrea Boaheng

Key Characters


Juliet is getting ready to see Romeo for her wedding night. She is nervous about having sex with Romeo for the first time.She talks about the night being because it is protection. The nurse comes in talking about someone dying. Juliet thinks it is Romeo. When she finds out it is Tybalt, she describes Romeo using oxymorons because she feels deceived because he is good on the outside but evil on the inside. Juliet realizes that banishment for Romeo is worse than death. She would rather die. The nurse tells Juliet she will go to Friar's to tell Romeo to come to Juliet tonight. Juliet gives the nurse a ring to give to Romeo to prove her love for him.


I chose this song because it represents Romeo and Juliets's relationship. The beginning of the song is talking about how someone is waiting just as Juliet was waiting for Romeo. Another line in the song was talking about how their love was like a fiction story and how they couldn't be theirs just like Romeo and Juliet.