Sensation Station

"All aboard?" Shoe shoe!

What is Sensation Station?

Sensation station is an online organization that rents out shoes... Kind of like a library for footwear. Sensation station allows customers to browse for a type of shoe, fill out needed payment information, and a couple of added questions for reference, and let's you rent a pair of the shoes of YOUR DREAMS. Who needs shoe stores, when you can have any shoe? No buying allowed though, just HAPPY renting. Sensation station is not only online, but is a downloadable app on your device that only costs 10$! Download your Sensation Station app today and rent the most amazing pair of shoes!


Why should I use sensation station?

Go to Sensation Station and be satisfied will everything we have in store for you. You should totally use it it because who would need shoe stores anymore? Just pre-order your pickings 2-3 days before the designated day for weari your shoes, and WAPOW!!! You have your entire week set up for you. You can rent up to ten pairs of shoes per person each week, but rental time only lasts so long depending on the shoe. You should also get Sensation station because as soon as you create an account, you will receive 1 free shoe measurer majig thingy to guarantee your shoe size. And it's so simple!!! Never have to go dreaded shoe shopping for kids again!