How did the church get power and

rich in the middle ages? They got from citizens...

Get power and richness...

The Church served to give people spiritual guidance and it served as their government as well. The church represented as the messenger from God. The church and the pope became the head of the western Europe. As the pope became the head of the Catholic church and has the same power as the king. Both the king and pope wanted the supreme power on the kingdom. The peasants had to pay 10% of what they earn this year to the church. this taxes were called tithes. This taxes can be paid by money or goods produced. If the peasants don’t pay the tithes the church will tell them that they will go to hell after death. The peasants were scared about to not paying. The peasants need to pay also for baptisms, marriages, and burials. The church doesn't need to pay the taxes so this would save them money. (picture)


The picture above is a picture of a church. There are peasants that are working to building the church. As you can see most part of the church is all gold. This can show how the church was important for the people because is so beautiful and gorgeous but also it can show how the church is rich.

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Notre Dame of Paris

Started to built in 1163 and is finished in 1345