Gray's Kiddos

The Happenings of Room 18.

Friday, November 18, 2016



11.21 - Mrs. Gray at District Training

11.22 - Spirit Day - PJ Day

11.22 - Science Matter Test

11.23 - 11.25 - Thanksgiving Break


12.2 - Unit 4 Math Test

12.5 - 12.9 - Book Fair

12.6 -12.9 - Parent Teacher Conferences

12.22 - 4th grade holiday program 7pm

12.24 - 1.8 - Winter Break



The November and December Wildcat Chat is coming home with you kiddo today.

Also, Workman directories came home earlier this week with your youngest or only child at Workman. Ask your kiddo if you haven't seen yours yet.

From the Special Teachers

If you would like to schedule a conference with any of our Special’s teachers please feel free to contact them by phone or e-mail.

Contact information can be found on the Workman School website.


Parent Teacher Conferences are just around the corner. If you haven't signed up yet please do so as soon as possible.

Conference Sign Up


Reading -

We have been focusing on author's purpose this week as well as vocabulary. The kids did a great job using the frayer model to work on understanding the vocabulary words. The frayer model includes the definition, a picture, synonomns for the word and a sentence that shows they understand what the word means.


This week the kiddos wrote their own scrips and recorded our first edition of Room 18 News! I'm hoping to be able to email you a link it this afternoon.

Math -

We are working in unit 4. It deals with place value and decimals. Kids will need reminders to keep the work neat so they don't miss a decimal point! Unit 4 also deals with converting the metric systems. This is a very tough concept for kiddos.

Science -

We have wrapped up our matter unit. The mini freezer page that came home today is completely option. Kids don't need to bring it back, just a fun experiment to do at home. Study guide will be coming home today. Test with be on Tuesday.

Social Studies -

Next week we will be wrapping up our unit on government. Kids have done a fantastic with this unit. Next up we will be getting into learning about the different regions in the United States.

Chrome Books

We have been using our chrome books everyday. Have your kiddo log in at home and show you our google classroom accounts. Especially the one for math.

And ask them to show you their typing club account! They have been working hard at learning how to type.

Wish List Items

-jelly beans


-bar stools