Grit @ LSC-Tomball

Spring 2018

Introduce GRIT, Grit, and Growth Mindset to Your Students

Last semester, I shared a grit and growth mindset lesson that could be used with your classes. You can use this lesson this semester as well. The lesson can be found here: The instructor packet is located below.

Another way to introduce these concepts is to share the video "What is the Point of College?" found at the beginning of this newsletter.

GRIT Gauge Spring 2018

This semester we are asking two groups of students to take the Dr. Paul G. Stoltz’s GRIT GaugeTM: First time in College (FTIC) students and First-time to Tomball students (FTT). We will not be sending the student GRIT GaugeTM link out to instructors this year. Here is how our students will receive the link this year:
  • FTIC Students - These students will get the GRIT gauge link directly from their EDUC 1300 instructor
  • FTT Students - We will send an email to all of our first time to Tomball students. If you believe you have first-time to Tomball students in your classes, please encourage them to check their email and take the GRIT gauge.

Students who do not fall in one of these groups will not get the link to the gauge; however, many of our students have already taken the GRIT Gauge TM, and those students should still be able to access their scores.

If you want to include a grit assignment for a grade, but you cannot get all of your students’ GRIT GaugeTM scores, you can use the Mindset Quiz (Dweck) and Grit Scale (Duckworth) as assignments for your class. You can even have your students tell a grit story.

All GRIT Gauge scores will now be loaded in iStar!!

Grit Certification Program Continues!

The Grit Certification Program will continue this semester! Sessions will be held on Instructional Initiatives Fridays (January 19th, February 9th, and April 20th). If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Latoya Lewis (

Weekly Grit Assignments

If you cannot participate in the Grit Certification program this semester, but would like to make grit and growth mindset a part of the classroom experience, Weekly Grit Assignments is for you! Right now, this is a list of 19 assignments/activities that are all about grit and growth mindset. You can choose as many activities from the list as you'd like. Students can complete the assignments as homework, projects, or in-class activities. More lessons and activities will be added throughout the semester, so check the list every few weeks.

Share your Grit Lessons and Assignments

We would like to hear about how you are creating a gritty classroom experience for your students. If you are infusing grit and growth mindset into your classroom, please email us at Here are a few examples of what you can share:

  • If you use any of the weekly grit assignments, tell us what assignment you chose and your students' experiences with the assignment. If you adapted the assignment in any way, please share that as well.
  • If you have a grit assignment/activity that is not listed, please email it to, and with your permission, it will be added to our list!

The Importance of Storytelling

Big image

Grit Stories 2018

The visual above reminds us why we should provide opportunities for our students to tell and share their stories. The Grit Story is an opportunity for story-telling to be a part of the classroom experience.

Last semester, the Global Grit Initiative invited you to share your grit story. This semester, we would like to have more people share their stories. If you and your students feel crunched for time this semester but like the idea of the grit story, please consider the six word grit story. Inspired by the six word memoir, the six word grit story allows students to tell their grit stories without having to create a video or write an elaborate narrative. Six word grit stories can span a semester, an important life event, or even a lifetime.

The invitation to share a six word grit story is not just for students; it is for the entire Timberwolf family. As you create your story/stories, please share by sending an email to

You should also consider sharing your story with a larger community by posting your story at