All about me

Isabel Blázquez Reyner.


I'm Isabel Blázquez and I am 14 years old, and on 9th of August it's my birthday. I live in Bescanó (Girona) Catalonia Spain, I have two brothers: Jeroni, he is 14 years and Ulises he is 9 years. My favourite color is red, and my favourite food is pizza or meat. I don't play any sport, but before (1 year ago) I danced in "Sister Funk" in Salt.


My hobbies are dancing especially Hip Hop and Funky, and for example metting with my friends every Fridays and listen to music especially Pop and Dubstep, My favourite song is Meg & Dia - Monster. In my free time I like watching videos in youtube, the ones that I like more are elRubiusOMG.

Physical Description.

My eyes are brown-green, but sometimes are dark brown like my hair. I am not a small person but either tall. I am friendly and cheerful, you will always see me laughing.