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This month's promos are HUGE!!! If you have an order of 200PV or more, you get a Breathe Stick, Breathe Throat Drops, a Cardamom, AND a Breathe oil for FREE!!!!! That is almost $100 in free product this month. All in time for the seasonal threats that are lurking around every corner.

Also, Cedarwood is the Free Product of the Month. I use this oil to help promote restful sleep and to keep closet moths away. Order 125PV this month on your LRP and get this oil free as well! doTERRA gives out 12 free oils a year, so if you are not on our Loyalty Rewards Program, contact me or your mentor and we will get you your free stuff!

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As most of you know, I am a huge believer in diffusing. I have 4 diffusers at home and 2 at work, I know , I know, a bit obsessed. I start my day with a blend of peppermint and wild orange to get me going in the morning and just to set my day off right! If you need emotional support, immune support, or just to make your home "smell good," then I suggest diffusing! I find it helps promote restful sleep in my son and it does reduce the amount of emotional breakdowns that a 2 year old is bound to experience. It is also a great way to introduce essential oils to someone that might not be as open to your love of essential oils :) We have many options for diffusers, but my favorite is the Petal diffuser. Here are some other options: