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October 8, 2021

Fall Festival Silent Auction opens Sunday 10/10

Check out all the great opportunities from the Silent Auction!



Glenhope Fall Fest

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First meeting of the Garden Club

Garden Club is in full swing! Last week we had our first meeting. We explored the Gator Garden with a fun scavenger hunt and learned about how important it is to provide the right types of plants to support the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. It’s not too late to join! Email science@glenhopepta.org to sign up.

Thanks to Tori Moody for organizing and planning the Garden Club!


Cake Walk donations needed!

Here's a form that gives information about the annual Cake Walk, always a favorite at the Boo Bash! https://forms.gle/TvkweMgU5bP6PMYF6


GCISD Greeting Card Art Contest

All elementary, middle, and high school students are invited to submit original artwork

for the cover of GCISD’s official holiday greeting card. This year’s theme is "A Season of

Kindness.” Three student designs—one each from the elementary, middle, and high

school levels—will be selected and sent out on behalf of the GCISD Board of Trustees

and Superintendent Dr. Robin Ryan. Cards are sent to community leaders, area

businesses, organizations, and other school districts.

Each student will submit their artwork to their campus art teacher or other designee.

Each school will select campus-based winners whose art will then be submitted to the

district level for final selection. Each high school will choose up to 10 finalists; each

middle school will choose up to 5 finalists; and each elementary will choose up to 3

finalists. Final designs for the cover will be selected by the Superintendent and his

designees based on originality, theme, use of color, and overall design.

The three students whose works are selected for the GCISD Holiday Greeting Card will

receive $25 and recognition at the December meeting of the Board of Trustees. The

selected artwork will be featured on the district’s website and used in district publicity.

Entry rules/guidelines:

• Submit only one entry per student

• Artwork should be appropriate for and reflect our diverse community that

celebrates a variety of holidays, while following the theme

• Artwork size should be 51⁄2 x 81⁄2 inches or 81⁄2 x 11 inches

• Submitted art should be easy to scan and reproduce

• Campus finalists should be submitted to Dr. Paul Sikes, Director of Fine Arts, no

later than Friday, November 12, 2021

• Final district selection will be completed no later than November 19, 2021

• Art must be submitted with the entry/parental permission form fastened securely

to the back

• Artwork will be returned to campuses for distribution to the artist



2-liter plastic bottles

Fifth grade is in need of 84 2 liter plastic bottles for the terra-aqua columns they will be building over the next few weeks. If you have an empty one you can spare, please send it in!


Cafeteria Volunteers

The GCISD Nutrition Services Department is looking for volunteers! Come get to know the students while serving them a nutritious lunch in the school cafeteria. You can volunteer at your child's school or any school in the district. You must be registered as a volunteer in the district, or get signed up as a volunteer today so you can join the amazing kitchen staff serving the students. Please see the flyer for details and a link to sign up!


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Donation Bin

We have a bin in the parking lot for clothing, shoes and other fabric items. If you are beginning a fall clean out, you can drop off items at any time. We receive a donation for a portion of the funds that are generated. We've gotten $140 dollars since June, which isn't a lot but it's also very low maintenance.

It's also nice to have someplace to drop items when Goodwill or GRACE are closed!


Glenhope Counseling

Here's a link to Mrs. Young's newsletter for this month:



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PTA Reflections Contest

It's never too early to make a difference. Share your "How I Will Change the World by" through the Texas PTA Reflections Program. Click the "Student Packet English" or "Student Pack Spanish" links to find out how to participate. A parent must be a member of the PTA to be eligible. Entries are due Oct 29th by turning into the Learning Commons or emailing to reflections@glenhopepta.org

Have questions? Please reach out to Michelle Carter, reflections@glenhopepta.org or 901-412-5519.


Lunch visitors

You can sign up to have lunch outside with your child on specific days through your classes' Sign Up Genius, previously sent by your child's teacher. Please remember that we only have space for one parent and one student from each class. We hate to have to send someone home who was planning to eat with their child but we have very limited space.

If you plan to come to lunch, please email your child's teacher the night before so they know to have your child come to the office to meet you for lunch.


Opportunity from Congresswoman Van Duyne's office

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Confused about COVID notifications?

When we have a positive case on our campus, everyone in the building will receive a notification of a positive case.

If your child was in the same class with a COVID positive individual, you will receive an additional notification saying that they were in the same class so that you can be on the lookout for the development of any symptoms.


Notes from the nurse:

For students that wear masks:

Please put 5-6 masks in a ziplock bag and place it in your student's backpack. We know masks provide comfort for some students and we wouldn't want them to worry if they get lost, soiled or forgotten. Thanks to a generous donation from Mr. Wang, we have some replacement masks in the nurse's office. However, some kids are resistant to accepting a mask they aren't used to wearing, so please plan accordingly.

GCISD 2021-2022 COVID-19 protocol highlights:

· Students, teachers, and staff who have symptoms of infectious illness, such as influenza (flu) or COVID-19 symptoms should stay home and be referred to their healthcare provider for testing and care.

· If the individual has symptoms that could be COVID-19 the individual must obtain a medical professional's note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis or obtain an acute infection test at an approved testing location that comes back negative for COVID-19.

· In the case of an individual who has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and who is not evaluated by a medical professional or tested for COVID-19, such individual is assumed to have COVID-19, and the individual may not return to the campus until the individual has completed ALL three-steps listed below:

  • At least 24 hours passed since resolution of fever without using fever reducing medications.
  • The individual has improvement in symptoms
  • At least 10 days have passed since the first symptoms began.


COVID status in GCISD

GCISD COVID-19 Resources

Please visit www.GCISD.net/COVID19 for lots of resources from the District pertaining to COVID-19. There you can find updated frequently asked questions, current GCISD COVID-19 protocols, information on the GCISD COVID-19 Testing Center, information on remote conferencing, statistics regarding COVID-19 cases in GCISD and more.


Cafeteria Menus

GCISD school cafeteria follows a calendar-cycle menu at breakfast and lunch. This menu begins on September 13th, 2021. During the first 4 weeks of school, all schools will follow a simplified lunch menu to allow all students to adjust to the new school year and to re-familiarize themselves with the cafeteria and their PIN number. The simplified menus can be viewed online using our menu system MealViewer. Printable copies of all menus can be downloaded here. If you have questions please contact child.nutrition@gcisd.net. GCISD Nutrition Services looks forward to serving your family in the upcoming school year!


You can control your child's internet access!

To support strong communication with our families beyond the school day, we are pleased to introduce a new resource available to our parents. Parent Internet Reporting is an on-demand tool for parents that allows guardians to view their children's online activity and increases the measures already taken to protect our students while using a District device. Through this platform, parents will receive weekly email reports summarizing internet activity on District devices, as well as the ability to access real-time reporting of what their students are doing online. In an effort to help our parents control screen time while students are home, the system will also allow for a guardian to pause the internet on a GCISD device.

There is an online course that will explain the Parent Internet Reporting that will be launched on April 21. If you cannot attend the virtual training on April 20, you must complete the course to receive access to the parent internet reporting tool. The course can be found at www.gcisd.net/ParentInternet.


Emergency drills information

GCISD partners with the I Love U Guys Foundation and uses the Standard Response Protocols (SRP) to respond to any situation or emergency that takes place at school or in the district.

  • Each campus will conduct drills throughout the school year. These drills are based on the Standard Response Protocols of Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter, and Hold. GCISD developed one additional protocol known as Clear.

  • Completion of the drills is mandatory for each campus during the first two weeks of school, so that students and staff are prepared. Drills help us learn and know how to respond in the case of a real emergency at school. Our drills also help us to check certain equipment and responses. Our emergency management leaders on each campus will work with students and staff to complete our drills and document the results.

I have included the SRP Posters that are displayed in your student’s classrooms so that you can review with your student at home and discuss with them when they take part in the drills during the first two weeks. More information about Safety and Security in GCISD can be found at www.gcisd.net/our_district/safety_and_security.

We had our first lockdown drill today. It was very low key. MRs. Vise said over the intercom, "Lights, Locks, Out of Sight." The children went to a corner of the room, and the teachers turned off the lights and made sure the doors were locked. The hall quickly became empty and quiet as we checked for locked doors.

We have added so many barriers in the last few years to protect students, from the locked entry (when I first came to Glenhope a locked door was considered "unfriendly") to the locked doors into the hallways and finally locked classroom doors. Our district has worked hard to implement all the recommended protocols designed to keep campuses safe, including having our children practice these drills on a regular basis.


Attendance procedures

Please remember to email the office (mailto:lauren.dickinson@gcisd.net. mailto:elizabeth.giblin@gcisd.net

mailto:holly.ihrig@gcisd.net) if your child is ill and will be out. It would be helpful to include your child's teacher(s) as well.

Also, please try to call early in the day with changes to after school pick up arrangements. The later you call, the greater the chance that something might be missed due to the level of activity that occurs around dismissal.