Nordic Nations

Norway and Sweden


  • Wealthy mainly due to oil and natural gas pumped from under the North Sea.
  • Mostly a cold climate and is north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Coastline is mostly fjords or steep-sided valleys that are inlets to the sea.
  • Parliamentary Democracy
  • Very traditional people often wearing folk dance clothes for weddings and get togethers.
  • Not members of the EU
  • Oslo is the capital.


  • Built wealth on industry and many natural resources.
  • 8% of land can be used for farming
  • Is a welfare state which uses high taxes to provide services to people who are sick, needy, jobless, or retired.
  • Members of the EU.
  • Constitutional Monarchy

Norway and Sweden

Nordic Countries have a high standard of living


  1. Why is it important that countries are capable of becoming a "welfare state?"
  2. Discuss: What are key components to nations becoming wealthy nations.
  3. Where does Norway get most of their wealth?