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Learn all about the different atom theory's

Ancient Greek model

400 b.c Democritus thought matter couldn't be divided infinitely.

350 b.c aristole thought there were 4 elements fire Water Wind And earth

John dalton atom theory

John Dalton theory was the John Dalton model it was discovered in 1803

He said all things were made of atomos and atoms can't be divided

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Thompson model

Joseph Thompson plum pudding model was made in 1897 his discovery was about how

Atoms were spheres of positive electricity that had little pieces of negitive electricity floating around them

Rutherford Greek model

In 1908 Ernest Rutherford made a atom discovery by, shooting tiny particals at a sheet of gold foil. Most of the particles passed through.

Bohr atom theory

Niels Bohr atom theory was in 1913 he called it model an atom. He said that the central nucleus composed of protons and neutrons

Broglie & Schrodinger

Mr. Broglie and Mr.schrodinger had a atom theory called the electron on a cloud model. It was discovered in the 1920's. They both decide that electrons don't orbit around like planets their dense clouds.