Whitney Wolves Weekly Update

May love and laughter light your days. 3/19/21

Upcoming Events!

3/22: Students return to school 4 days a week.

3/25: Asynchronous Remote Day for ALL students

3/29: Mad Science Assembly

4/1: Asynchronous Remote Day for ALL students

4/2: Good Friday, No School

4/7 PTO meeting, 5:00, Zoom

4/12-4/16: April Vacation, No School

Return to School Important Information

We are excited to have many of our students back in the building on the 4 day in-person plan next week. A few reminders:

1. Hybrid learning is no longer an option. Students are expected to attend school on their in-person days. Students are not able to sign-in remotely unless they are fully remote without the prior permission of school administration.

2. Please be patient with us the first couple of days as we transition all students back into the building. Please note the drop-off and pick-up times listed below to help us control the flow of students and parents at arrival and dismissal.


Walker/Parent Drop-Off: (Exceptions must be pre-approved by building principal)

Last name beginning with A-K: 8:25-8:35

Last name beginning with L-Z: 8:35-8:45

Students should not arrive before 8:25. Staff will not be available for supervision before this time. Please do your best to arrive during the time slot assigned to the letter of your last name.

Students arriving late must enter the building through the front door. An adult must accompany and remain with the student at the front door until the student is let into the building by a staff member. The parent must sign the student into the attendance book provided outside the front door.


Walker/Parent Pick-Up

Walkers will begin to be dismissed at 2:45.

Busses: 2:55 Begin loading

If your student needs to be dismissed early or the method of dismissal changes, a parent/guardian must contact the office with a letter or a phone call prior to pick-up. To limit exposure, students will be picked up at the front door after parent signs the dismissal book and shows identification. If no notification is received, student will be dismissed their usual way.

3. All students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch for the remainder of this school year.

4. Masks

  • Everyone will be required to wear masks at school.

  • Masks should completely cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of face without gaps.

  • Mask breaks will be provided hourly.

5. Classroom Setup

  • Maximize social distancing between student workstations, achieving 6 feet when feasible. Desks face in the same direction (rather than facing each other).

  • Where necessary, assess other space that may be repurposed for instruction.

  • Maximize space between the teacher and students due to the risk of increased droplets from teachers during instruction.

  • Floor markings have been installed to illustrate social/physical distancing.

  • Use outdoor instruction where health and safety conditions and physical space allow.

  • Students have access to washing and sanitizing stations and are asked to wash/sanitizer before and after leaving each room in the building.

  • Number of students returning on March 22nd will vary from classroom to classroom.

6. Hallways/ Passing

  • Floors are marked to support social/physical distancing.

  • Schedules allow for staggered passing in the hallway.

7. Bathrooms

  • Each wing has an assigned bathroom and each classroom bathroom breaks throughout the day so only one classroom is accessing the bathrooms at a time

8. Lunchtime/Snack time

  • Maximize social distancing between student lunch stations, achieving 6 feet when feasible. Desks face in the same direction (rather than facing each other).

  • During cold weather, classrooms with larger numbers will assign lunchtime spots within the classroom to maximize social distancing.

  • During warm weather, students will eat lunch outside.

9. Buses

  • Students in grades K-5 will be assigned seats

  • Siblings can sit together

  • Students cannot change seats once they have been seated

  • Arrive at the school AM - Riders will disembark from the front of the bus to the back and should not touch any seats while getting off of the bus

  • Bus Drivers will disinfect the bus before the afternoon pickup

  • PM Run – repeat the same steps above

  • Wednesdays, buses will be all thoroughly disinfected

10. Materials

  • Please bring all materials (pencil boxes, math books, whiteboards, notebooks, folders, art bags, etc.) back to school with you on Monday as you will need these things in the classroom next week!

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Little Caesar's PTO Fundraiser

Little Caesars Fundraiser - Now Through April 8th - Ships Direct to Sellers

Fundraiser ID: 2017

It’s pizza time! Now through April 8th, we’re selling Pizza Kits to raise money for Eli Whitney PTO. To get started follow this link Little Caesars Fundraising to create your very own seller page. You can customize your page, upload a video, create an avatar, and watch how many pizza kits you’ve sold. You’ll get your own special link to send to your friends and family so they can buy delicious pizza kits and support our fundraiser. Pizza Kits will be delivered directly to their home by FedEx, so send the link to your out of state family and friends, too. You can even post your Seller link on your social media pages. Every kit we sell earns $6 profit and makes an impact. Don’t forget to buy some for yourself! Email ewpto@yahoo.com with any questions!

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March Mathness!

It is March Mathness here at Eli Whitney School and the students are playing the learning games on iReady to see which game is the school favorite. The games are paired up each week for the Learning Games Tournament and students are asked to play those games for ten minutes each. So far, we have voted for Hungry Fish to move on to the semifinals, and we will see who moves on this week, Bounce or Cloud Machine. Week three will match up Pizza and Cupcake. Once students have played the selected games for the allotted time, they are then eligible to vote for their favorite. The Champion Learning Game will be crowned the week of April 5 and be celebrated with a Championship Parade. Encourage your child to play! Have them check out the math channel in their team for more details and updates.
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Dive Into Diversity with KITE

KITE in partnership with the FRC and Asnuntuck Community College is continuing Dive Into Diversity Friday’s! Ms. Erin from the Family Resource Center will be reading Fatima the Activist by Olivia James. This is a great message about standing up for what you believe in, and it’s really exciting that this was written by a child author!


Quote of the Week

"And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings."

Words of the Week

The Word of the Day for Monday, March 15th was ADVICE. Advice is a suggestion about a decision or action. A friend might ask you for advice when trying to decide what game to play at recess. You might need to ask an adult for advice if you have a difficult choice to make. To give someone advice, is to recommend something based on your experience or your opinion.

The Word of the Day for Tuesday, March 16th was PYRAMID. In math, a pyramid is a shape or structure that has a polygon base and three or more triangles for its sides which meet to form a point at the top called the apex. In ancient Egypt, the pyramids were large structure built that typically had a square base and four triangular sides meeting at a point and contain tombs.

The Word of the Day for Thursday, March 18th was ARRANGE. To arrange is to plan, prepare for, or organize something. Your family might arrange a special vacation or party. It also means to put a group of objects in a particular order. For example, you might like to arrange your shirts in rainbow order.

The Word of the Day for Friday, March 19th was PICTURE GRAPH. A picture graph is a pictorial display of data with symbols, icons, and pictures to represent different quantities. The symbols, icons, and pictures of a picture graph typically represent concepts or ideas or stand in for a larger quantity of something.