Aiming Guns & Pointing Fingers

By Jessica Singer, a proud Bostonite

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The Bloody Massacre on King Street

The recent tradgedy on March Fifth, despite it's obvious meaning, has brought an outcry from both the victimized colonists and the ignorant loyalists. I represent the colonists, and I say, we've been systematically tortured economically, and now physically, since the turn of the century. The british have taxed us endlessly and are now forcing themselves into our homes and killing us for protesting against it.

Ever since the British came out with the Stamp act, our economy has been their plaything. The constant taxation and regulations the British have come up with since then has forced us to buy their goods and pay their taxes just to go through our everyday lives. No more, I say. If we refuse to pay for their goods and continue to make revolutionary groups like the Tea Party, we'll end up bringing their economy down with ours, and they'll have no choice but to repeal their taxes.

Now they don't only just threaten us with their taxes, they threaten us with steel and soldiers. Recently, the British have been sending their soldiers into our homes where we must feed and shelter them. Loyalists argue that the soldiers are fighting for us, but they're not, as evinced by the Bloody Massacre. The soldiers are here for one thing, and that's surveillance. They're here to watch over us, make sure we don't protest, and if we do, break it up with bullets.

Well, fellow citizens of the New World, there is one thing to fight bullets with, and that's bullets. If we don't rise up together and fight the British, we will continue to be controlled by them, spending our hard-earned money on their taxes and funerals for our citizens. However, if we conjoin into one army with the purpose of freedom from their tyranny, we'll either get that freedom, or be free in death. We need change, and a revolution is change.