The Panther Post

October 3, 2022


Dear Madison Parents & Guardians,

All elementary schools in Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation will be conducting In Person Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences for every student on Tuesday, October 18th- Wednesday, October 19th. All parents will be scheduled for a 15-minute conference. Your prompt arrival to the session will be greatly appreciated as we will attempt to follow the scheduled times without delay.

The conference provides the teachers with an opportunity to discuss your child’s academic progress. This time together will provide an opportunity to exchange information about your child and allow valuable supplementary information to the report card. In an effort to make conferences more meaningful for both parents and students, we encourage you to allow your child to participate in the actual conference with us. We trust you will look upon conferences as a beneficial experience.

Once again, we will be using an online program called “SignUp Genius” to schedule and confirm conferences. It allows parents to sign up for a conference date and time online rather than having a teacher assign you a date and time. It will also send you reminders. If you are not able to complete the online registration, please let your child’s teacher know by Monday, October 10th and the teacher will assign a date and time for you.

Parents that have two or more children at Madison will have 24 hours to sign up for a time slot before families with one child, since they have to attend more than one conference. Please allow at least 15 minutes between each conference to allow for time.

Families with two or more students at Madison will receive a message regarding conference times from the classroom teacher on Wednesday, October 5th, inviting you to sign-up for a conference time. Families with one child at Madison will receive a message to sign-up on Thursday, October 6th, the day after the multiple siblings, inviting you to sign-up for a conference time. Please note that each child is allotted one time slot.

Please let your child’s teacher know if there is anything special that you would like to discuss at the conference.

Kind regards,

Lindsay Schirripa