Beattie 2nd Grade Newsletter

May 2015

What Your Student Is Learning

Reading/Word Work:


* r controlled vowels

* review of previous lists

Reading Comprehension:

* author's purpose-- why the author wrote the story

* theme-- the main message or lesson in a story

* summarize--using your own words to tell the important events

* main idea and key details- identifying details that point to main idea

Vocabulary Strategies:

* prefixes/suffixes

* compound words

* contractions/possessives

* comparative endings: -er, -est


*personal narratives


* subtracting from $10.00

* story problems

* 2-D and 3-D shapes

* fractions

* measurement

Integrated Studies:

* science-- recycling

A Note From the Teachers

Dear Parents,

The Science Fair will be Friday May 15th. We will let you know the time as soon as possible. We are excited about the number of students who were able to participate this year.

Second grade will be taking a class field trip to Irvingdale Park Thursday May 21st. We would love for families to join us. You can meet us at the school at 10:45 and walk with us, or meet us at the park. Please fill out the sack lunch request that was sent home in Friday folders and return them to school as soon as possible.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your student this year.

-Second Grade Team

Upcoming Events

May 2nd: Mayors Run

May 14th: Family Garden Night (6:00-7:30pm)

May 15th: 2nd Grade Science Fair (time will be determined shortly)

May 19th: Skate Night (6:00-8:00)

May 20th: Beattie Field Day

May 21st: Field Trip to Irvingdale Park (10:45-1:00)