Push-And-Pull Factors

By Lauren Bales

Religious Persecution

Saudi Arabia
People are leaving Saudi Arabia because Christians are being attacked and persecuted by Extremists.
Christians are migrating to the United States where there is freedom of religion.

Ethnic Persecution

People are leaving Iran because they are being persecuted for being different.
Most are migrating to Australia or the United States.

Environmental Factors

People are leaving China because of its insane amount of polluted water. China was ranked #1 for most polluted water.
Most Chinese immigrants make their way to the United States or the United Kingdom.

Economic Motives

The Ukraine's economy has collapsed and people are trying to get out from under it.
Most Ukrainians flee to Canada to escape the country's economy.

Political Factors

People are moving from Indonesia to escape the bad politics that threaten its economy. Citizens want to leave before it's too late.
Most people from Indonesia migrate to Australia.

Forced Migration

Many people are being forced to migrate out of Palestine for many different reasons. Race, religion, etc.
Many are fleeing to Africa and Europe for refuge.