watersheds and ocean ecosystems

5 negatively affect

humans negatively affect ground water and ocean ecosystems by:

1.over fishing

2.oil spills

3.toxic waste

4.pollution/ air pollution

5.mining- destruction of marine animal habitats.

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counter-positively affects

Humans can prevent bad chemicals from going to the ocean by not washing there cars all the time at there house all the time. humans can stop littering because it goes down the gutter on the side of the streets. humans can stop over fishing because it a law and the fishes will go extinct to some species. humans should be carful with the toxic waste and oil waste because when it gets in the ocean a lot of fishes in the ocean die and that's not good because a lot of them because extinct. humans should stop cutting down trees because they are taking away animals homes and animals have to find new homes then animals be spread out everywhere.
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