Jamo's Palace

The Next Chef Curry

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Jamo's Palace is the most innovative restaurant in the world.

At Jamo's, the kitchen itself is completely made out of technology. To raise the temperature and use the ovens, you can use one of multiple tablets in the kitchen. Not only that, but you can control the grills with an iGrill. Lastly, Jamo has a very nice tool that cooks food over days. You put he food into a sealed bag with water, and a special machine can cook it a certain way.

Jamo's Dream Kitchen Gadget

In the kitchen, Jamo has thought of a great idea for a tool. It is a technological spatula, the idea coming from Spongebob. This Spatula can complete many tasks in the kitchen. It can cook on its own, give you recipes, and tell you orders from tables in the restaurant. This innovative tool could help chefs all across the country in many ways.
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