By Peyton Hagens

Clothing and Weapons

The Spartans are one of the most feared army in Greece and wear red cloaks for battle. They wear helmets that may have feathers on the top of their helmet. They use rounded shields and long spears to face their opponent.


The Gerousia led the citizen assembly and would fix any issues that that Sparta voting would have for their government. In Greek mythology the leader was Lacedaemon. The people that had ran the government are the 2 kings, 28 elders, and 5 people that were chosen to help run it.


Spartans would most likely eat meat, poultry, and fish. However they did eat breads and cheeses too. They would usually have communal dinners but they were most likely reserved for all the younger men. Also a very important food for men was "Black Broth" and was made of pig legs, blood, salt and vinegar.


Spartans would have to show their fitness as infants and woke up everyday to exercise and train. They even would be put into a military education program. All fighting was encouraged by Spartans at the time. Also every male was expected to be a life-long solider for their kingdom. Also if you were to surrender in battle it is the ultimate disgrace.


At age seven they would leave for the education program. Each boy was assigned a group and the goal was to become a solider of command by the time they are to come back. The groups are called the Agela and controlled by the state.


The Battle of Thermopylae is an important one of their battles that took place in 480 BC. It took place in Thermopylae, Greece. The Persian are the ones how gained victory and gained control of Boeotia changes. There is also a Battle of Haliartus that took place in 395 BC. The Spartan leader Lysander had been slayed and the battled had started the beginning of the Corinthian War.

Important Buildings

In Spartan cultures there are Spartan assembly halls, Temple of Artemis Orthia, and the Military Barracks. The assembly hall is where the Council of Elders and the people of the Assembly come together to discuss. The Temple of Artemis Orthia is where the Spartans come to worship the goddess of hunting (Artemis). The barracks are a place where people come to train and learn to do many exercise activities.

5 Facts

  • Sparta's main thing that they had to do is keep training warriors for combat and keep military under control.
  • Spartan girls were well educated like men, but they received less combat training than males by far.
  • Shortly after a babies birth they are bathed in wine and then shown to an elder, if it was a weak baby they would throw it off a mountain.
  • Only Spartans that die in combat or in war are allowed to have their name put on a gravestone.
  • Woman from Spartan had more power than women from other Greek city-states.