Chapter 3

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Molecular Genetics

Is the science behind learning about the human genome, and about specific genes and behaviors. EX: The Human Genome project, was the project to try and map out the whole human genome.

Natural Selection

The occurrence where the species with the better equipped traits survive, thrive and repopulate. EX: Only the faster and more fit Gazelles live to mate.

Twin Studies

Observations on the traits shared by twins, even if the twins were separated at birth. Identical twins often share the same hobbies and favorites. EX: favorite color, type of car, ETC

Peer Influences on Development

The study that peer influences are what cause a child to be who he/she are. EX: If the friend pressures you to go down a steep hill on a longboard, then you are more likely going to do it again. After recovering from your injuries from falling. Nature V.S. Nurture.

Parent Influences on Development

the study that parents are the biggest influence on their child. EX: if the parents are alcoholics, then the child is more likely to be an alcoholic. Nature VS. Nurture.


Giving greater priority to the individual.