18 Year Old Goes Missing Two Weeks After Graduation Day

Was Nina Kidnapped or Did She simply Runaway?

It's been two years now that Nina Wrigley went missing two weeks after her graduation. Yet, there is still no clue to where she is or what happened to her. Younger sister Ellie still hasn't given up on doing everything is in her hands fir her sister. She meets a boy named Sean, and they hit it off right away; he soon offers his help on the journey to finding her sister Nina. They go down to Nebraska looking for more clues on the whereabouts of Nina, but instead run into a band that meet her once and never heard from her again. Staying in Nebraska was easy since Ellie's mother never really cared where she was. While staying there he best friend comes down to surprise her. But instead of surprising her she brings along all her negative vibes with her about Sean. The best friends come to an argument about who Sean really is, that he's a creep, and his real intentions, that sends Ellie's best friend packing back to Chicago. Sean hires a private investigator, but who is the investigator or is there even one to begin with. Ellie soon comes to find out Sean knows Nina and a clue to his real intentions on helping her find Nina.