Katniss, The Girl On Fire!

The Winner of 74th Hunger Games!

Why Katniss deserves to win

Katniss is a fighter! She is a great hunter! She Will never let you down.

She is trustworthy. She loves. She volunteered herself to save her sisters life. Something not most people would do. She Is Irreplaceable.

Katniss Loves her Family

Katniss snuck in the woods, to hunt food to support her family. So if you were close to katniss, what do you think she would do for you?

The Two lovers from District 12.

Peeta loves Katniss. But Katniss didn't know that until the Hunger Games came around. Peeta doesn't want Katniss to die.
So that is a strong advantage for Katniss To win.

Why She Needs Your Help!

Katniss can hunt. She Can Fight. She won't give up. She Cares.

You will never find someone better. He needs your help! Give Katniss your votes! You will not regret it!


Made by Erica king