Methods of Gathering

Ways of acquiring natural resources.

Types of Mining & the ways you acquire resources...

Surface Mining: Where you acquire the resources on the rocks and other materials that COVERS the mineral deposits (Basically scraping resources that you can see over the deposits).


  • Coal mining

Effects on environment:

  • Water and soil pollution
  • Air/Atmospheric pollution

Types of Mining & the ways you acquire resources...

Sub-surface Mining: When you take your mining underground and mine your resources directly from the Mineral deposits.


  • Salt mining
  • Gold mining

Effects on environment:

  • Water pollution
  • Soil erosion
  • Change of landmass

Comparison of Land vs. Ocean drilling???

Land drilling:There were some challenges that it took to allow land drilling to happen in the early 1900's. some examples are finding a good spot to place there drill where it was rich with natural gas inside the earth, and land-use difficulties. They thought putting it near rivers and natural areas where water flows can be polluted/contaminated with natural gasses being pumped from the oil rigs.


Ocean drilling: The challenges that it took to make ocean drilling possible was thought to be impossible before they thought of making platforms, and finding good, measurable ocean depths to drill in and many more! And after the BP oil spill, this is one of a few examples of accidental spills that damaged ecosystems and killed a lot aquatic life, which was a pose to big health risks of the environment.

What is Fracking?

What is Fracking?: Its where a drill pushes or ejects Sand, water, and other chemicals in high pressure, which enables or allows natural gasses to flow freely up until it reaches a well.

How is it done?: By drilling into the earth and fracturing rocks (that's why its called "Fracking") to release natural gasses.

Environmental impacts?:

  • Contaminated water supplies
  • Air/Atmospheric pollution
  • Chemical Spills
  • Rapid climate change

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