Library News


End of the Year Items

May is just a few days away, so I wanted to give you some dates for final checkouts, returns, etc.

Final Checkouts (for students): The last week for checkout will be the week of May 4-8, so your checkout that week will be the last checkout for the school year.

Final Returns (for students): Students will need to return all materials the week after their final checkout. So, for example, if your class checks out on Monday, May 4th, all materials will be due for them on Monday May 11th. If your last checkout is Friday, May 8th, all materials will be due Friday, May 15th.

*Please note that if your students are using library books for a project, they may keep them until they are done with them. Just let me know if this is the case.

*Teachers may keep materials until the end of the school year.

Fee Notices: Fee notices will be sent to any student that does not have their items turned in by their final due date. After check-in on your class' final due date during the week of May 11-15, I will run fee notices for any child in your class that still has items checked out.

I need your help! :-) During your next couple of checkouts, please note any student that has items that are past due. Please encourage them to get them turned in ASAP. If you want me to print a report to send home so that students know what they are looking for, please let me know names. This is a l-o-n-g process at the end of every year. Please help! :-) I will even offer a little incentive! The first class in each grade level to get all materials turned in, will earn a 30 minute time with me. We might use an app on the iPad, read stories, etc. (That means an extra 30 minute prep for the teacher. :-)

Inter-Library Loans

If I have gotten any ILLs for you from another HSE school or from the public library, please remember to get those back to me as soon as you are done with them. I will need to get them back to the correct libraries before the end of the year.


Over the next 3 weeks, the iPad availability will be limited. Beth and I will be co-teaching in the conference room while testing takes place in each lab. The focus will be on Digital Citizenship. We will need the full cart with each 4th grade class as they will be working on Common Sense Media's Digital Passport. They will each have to login to complete their modules. We will only need 12-15 iPads with grades K-3, so part of the cart will be available each day. Please see the sign-up in Google Drive if you need them.

Student Work and iPad Apps

I have been working with some small groups of 3rd graders on Inquiry/Genius Hour. Thank you, Jordan, Katelyn, Jami, and Kristin for sharing some of your students with me! We've had a great time. Each group decided on their topic and how to share what they learned.

I want to share out their projects with you. The first reason is it gives them a larger audience than just their classmates/teachers. The second reason is I have been playing around and learning about some new apps. I want to share them with you...things to keep in mind as you plan for next year. Please remember that I love learning about new apps and how they might be used for education. I am always happy to learn something new if you ever want to try one and don't feel you have the time to look into them yourself. And, I am always willing and eager to help you implement their usage with your students.

I will share these projects and different ways to view them via email later this week; please keep an eye out for them and take a couple of minutes to view them. You might find some ways that you might want to try sharing projects out next year. (Or, ways for students to share their work.) The apps that I am using to share their projects are Aurasma, Pic Collage, and ThingLink. (There are more ways to use them, but there is a brief description of how I used each of them below.)

Last, But Not Least!

I used some of our Read-a-Thon money this year to purchase 3 new F&P benchmark kits. So, now there will be 4 of each kit. Hopefully this will help a little bit! :-) I think Beth is working on the order, so they should be in and ready for use for the beginning of next school year.