Stress Management

By: Derek Buhrman

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10 Positive ways to deal with Stress

  1. exercise
  2. listen to music
  3. sleep more
  4. talk to someone
  5. manage your time
  6. positive self-talk
  7. find pleasure
  8. daily relaxation
  9. limit certain foods
  10. attitude control

10 Negative ways to Manage Stress

  1. smoking
  2. drinking
  3. over-eating or under-eating
  4. zoning out in front of the tv or computer
  5. withdrawing for friends, family, and activities
  6. using pills or drugs to relax
  7. sleeping to much
  8. procrastinating
  9. taking out your stress on others
  10. drive fast in a car

10 Effects of Stress

  1. Depression
  2. Headache
  3. Can't sleep
  4. Heartburn
  5. impaired judgement
  6. nightmares
  7. loss of sex drive
  8. drinking and smoking more
  9. Fatigue
  10. Worrying

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In Baltimore a survey was taken on what teens stress over

  1. School work 68%
  2. Parents 56%
  3. Romantic Relationships 48%
  4. Drugs in the Neighborhood 48%

Stress Over Time

  • 16% of teens say their stress has declined in the past year
  • 31% say their stress has increased over the past year
  • 34% believe their stress will increase in the coming year
  • 42% of teens do not believe they are doing enough to manage their stress
  • 13% say they never set aside time to manage stress

School Stress

83 percent of teens said that school was “a somewhat or significant source of stress.” Twenty-seven percent reported “extreme stress” during the school year, though that number fell to 13 percent during summer. And 10 percent felt that stress had had a negative impact on their grades.

4 Facts on Teen Stress

1. Most high school students consider cheating "ok"

2. Most will self harm themselves (cutting ect.)

3. It starts much earlier than high school.

4. Girls are more likely to suppress stress.