Texas water drout

it is very low


Over the last 50 years there has been a stout in Texas there has been a later where it would rain the lakes would go up like an inch then it would it recipitate before we got more rain again to keep the water up so we need to do something now to stop it. Summary #2 we think if you use our idea that it would really help the stout in Texas and bring the lakes back up and get rid of this stout in Texas that nearly impossibal but it is worth a shot this way I'd we do it we could donate to shelters family's that can't afford to buy water this could help the world and now it's time to try.


Ever since 1965 we have had a stout in Texas and we say it's time to stop it so we were think that when you take a shower that the water should run for 15 minutes and if you go over 15 minutes it will start coating you money every 5 minutes it will be 3 DALLORS to you water bill this could help the drout so much new use people don't like paying out of there pocket book in the long term we would like to Chang fresh diltered water in toleits to lake water because you are just waiting fresh water that people could be drinking or selling