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Hello Falcons!

We are so excited about bringing you the news YOU WANT! We have received a lot feedback from our survey (if you haven't taken it please do so through the link below) about the topics you want included in our monthly newsletter. Enjoy this month's newsletter!


Students have been sharing their concerns and asking questions for our Super Solver. Below are some of the concerns/questions (all confidential) and advice from our Super Solver.

*Advice is given from a student's perspective. If further help is needed please see your counselor.

Student: My mom is concerned about how I'm stressed and yet she's forcing me to participate in competitive sports and then yells at me for not wanting to go.

SS (Super Solver): At an appropriate time, sit down and talk to her about how you feel and about your level of stress in competing, if that doesn't work, try to go to the counselor for help or a close friend.

Student: My boyfriend just broke up with me and my BFF said we shouldn't be friends. It's just been really hard. I cry all the time and to my BF I still love you. Why did you have to break up with me?

SS: Go talk to your ex-boyfriend about still being friends. If both of you agree on being friends, it will be ok to just be friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend. To your BFF, some times your friends are there to lift you up and not bring you down and you need that right now.

Student: My boyfriend broke up with me and I am very sad.

SS: Go have a girl's night and forget about him. Watch a funny or favorite movie, listen to your favorite song and dance the night away and end the night with a special treat just for you.

Student: My dog died. How do I cope?

SS: Some days you can just let go and let the emotion out. Hang out with friends and family to take your mind off of it. Here is a book recommendation, The Tenth Good Thing About Barney, Judith Viorst.

Student: How do I keep track of my work without stressing out?

SS: Get a Homework folder and label the sides "To Do" and "Finished" to turn in. Get a planner and when you get an assignment due write it down to keep track of all your assignments and due dates.

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Events Around Town

Check out the Flower Mound Community Activities Center for events this month

Gaylord Texan's Lone Star Christmas

Texas Motor Speedway Gift of Lights - your entry fee makes a donation to charities.

Backyard Treat for Backyard Tweets - first Saturday of every month with a different theme.

Many more activities to share with your family at Guide Live. Check it out for your holiday break.

Life Hacks

Each month we will feature a few "life hacks" per your request from the survey.

life hacks #499 - Reading a book before bed tires your eyes. As a result, your brain is tricked into feeling tired and falling asleep is easier. @1000LifeHacks

life hacks #703 - Eating chocolate while studying math can improve your math skills. @1000LifeHacks

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