North vs. South

Find out which one wins.

Northern view & Southern view


On the other hand, the northern economy was based more on industry than agriculture.


With Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin in 1793, cotton became very profitable.

States vs. Federal rights

States' rights

Idea that states have the right to limit the power of the federal government. (More power to the states).

Federal rights

Federal government should have more control over the rights of the states. (More power to the national government).

North vs south

Tariffs & cultral differences.

Tariffs & Cultral differences

North (tariffs)

Wanted high tax on foreign goods.

South (tariffs)

Wanted a lower tax on foregin goods.

North (cultral differences)

Industry, more educated.

South (culrtral differences)

Farmers, less educated.

Decide which one wins.

Decide which one wins.

North vs south (President)

The president on the north is Abraham Lincon. The president on the south is Jefferson Davis.