Charlies Run

By Valerie Hobbs


Charlie-He is a 11 year old and is the main main character.

Doo-Is a girl that is 14 and meets Charlie while she is also running away.

Shep-He is the owner of the house that Charlie, Doo, and Joel.

Joel-He is not a friendly person and he does things that aren't appropriate.

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I chose this picture because it represents someone running away like in the book of Charlie running away.


Charlie's Run was about a boy named Charlie who is running away.The reason he is running away is because his parents are going to get a divorce and their family will be broken.He wants to show the how a real broken family feels before it happens.But he just wants to go not too far so they realize about their relationship is ending fast.While running away he finds Doo and she brings hime to his friends named Joel and Shep.He soon realizes that he is in a complicated situation about running away and being with them.This book is External conflict because Charlie is dealing with there family and his parents getting a divorce.It is person vs person.


It takes place in Sheps house which is in a apartment that has been vacant but still running the business of the hotel.It has one couch and 3 bedrooms and a kitchen.They have a tube tv (old). Its in a country side place which has steep hills.

Three significant quotes

1-Its easy to say no to drugs but when your in that situation its like if your motionless. Page143-144

2-"Lets Go Charlie!Hes not worth it" said Doo "No! he needs our help!Hes going to Die!"

Page 140

3-I think there are more good people than bad

Page 144

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I chose this picture because its like the place they're staying in Sheps house.
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This is Valerie Hobbs she is the author of Charlie's Run.